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RA303 - 4' EXTENSION FOR RA300 - FIBREGLASS - 1"X14 STANDARD THREAD Optional Accessories No documents available Glomex is the only company in the marine industry offering a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on its products (for VHF, Omnidirectional DVB-T2 TV, AM/FM, AIS antennas and accessories). Glomex Marine Antennas USA warrants its [...]

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35″ 3dB FAST FITTING Glomeasy VHF antenna with fiberglass whip and FME termination Optional Accessories No documents available TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FREQUENCY RANGE 156/162 MHz GAIN AVERAGE 3dB IMPEDANCE 50 ohms POLARIZATION Vertical SWR ≤ 1,3 at 156,8 MHz MAX INPUT POWER 100 W DC GROUND Yes ANTENNA LENGHT 35” ANTENNA WEIGHT 6.35oz TERMINATION [...]

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Looking for the best Marine Antennas ? GLOMEX is a member of the NMEA and the NMMA and have been selling their products in North America for over 30 years with positive results. Glomex is one of the only antenna manufacturer that offer a LIMITED LIFETIME [...]

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Glomex weBBoat 4G Plus - The 3G/4G/WiFi Coastal Internet system Glomex Glomeasy line marine antennas - the easy way to install your Marine VHF, FM, AIS and DAB antennas Glomeasy fast feed thru for marine antennas Glomex Heavy duty vs Standard [...]

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Glomex, the best in marine antennas This, in brief, is the mission of a company that, for more than 30 years, has been pursuing a single goal: providing high quality marine antennas with an excellent value for money, that pass any resistance test (UV-ray exposure, environmental test, mechanical, electric and electronic [...]

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